Empty Satisfaction

June 8, 2006

Remember when you beat up the bully for the first time and realized that it was easier than you thought it would be and far less satisfying? That’s how I felt today when I heard about al-Zarqawi’s death from two 500-lb bombs.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want this guy dead. I certainly did. He killed people hands-on and filmed it. But where do we go now?

Weren’t we focused on him as a target since we couldn’t find Bin Laden? Now that AZ is taking the dirt nap, what’s our next focus? Maybe getting out of the Middle East and coming home?


I don’t think that the death of one person is going to signal the end of this war. It’s like saying no to one girl scout during the cookie drive each year. You know you’ll get pestered by 42 others before you even get out of the T station.

So there are going to continually be replacements for AZ and BL. As I’ve said all along, we should just wall up our borders and institute a revolutionary new way of evaluating the people that come into the United States.

I’m certain that the Billions that have gone into this war would have made a great electric fence from Maine to Key West to Baja to Alaska. Nobody attacks Hawaii because they’re too laid back.

More to come…