Empty Seat to be Dedicated at Boston Garden – POW/MIA and Rolling Thunder

January 9, 2013

Some of the stuff I usually write about here is sarcastic. This is not one of those pieces. In fact, this column is about the efforts some folks put forth to honor those who have gone before us. Let’s not dwell on the death card but instead look at the nuts and bolts.

1 – There’s a group called Rolling Thunder, Inc.

2 – Rolling Thunder’s president Joe D’Entremont has been working for a while to get empty seats dedicated to POW/MIAs at local stadiums and sports arenas.

3 – Today I got word that D’Entremont reached an agreement with┬áthe new president of Boston Garden, Amy Latimer to dedicate an empty seat at the Garden.

This is pretty cool stuff. There’s already one of these seats at Gillette. Rolling Thunder has also had them dedicated/installed a other venues including the Lowell Spinners’ park and even Salvatore’s restaurant in Lawrence.

Work is ongoing to get a seat dedicated at Fenway, too. So, just wanted to share some interesting info about what’s going on in your fair city. What do you think about the seat dedications? And, no, I don’t think it will make all other seats go up in price.