Eyebrows and Real Estate

January 9, 2015


Thanksgiving is months away, but I wanted to make my list now. The things I’m thankful for could fill a book, but today’s list – nine days into the new year – is short. It’s just a couple recent things that caught my attention and my appreciation.

First up is the way the barber in Syracuse fixed my eyebrows. It’s a funny thing. Similar to how great you feel for weeks after a massage when you notice that your shoulders are still relaxed. That’s what Sam did for me (not a massage) when he trimmed my eyebrows over Christmas break.


Seriously, who thinks about their eyebrows unless they’re on TMZ or planning on attending a high-brow affair (pun intended)? I never did. Even watching the gangly, wiry long white hairs sprouting from my brown didn’t really capture my attention. But now, it’s a whole new world.

Where before there was a hairy obstruction to my sight that looked like it was a transplant from Albert Einstein, now was a sliver of hair that looked like a PGA course superintendent took a putting green mower to it. Sleek, kempt and comfortable. My eyebrows are a thing of beauty.

Second is the task of learning. Who writes about how much they love a task? Maybe only Christopher Penn, but his tasks border on artistry and he seems to possess an admirable discipline when it comes to both work and life. Inspired a bit by watching Chris and a few other smart folks, I jumped into a learning exercise on Monday…and it was invigorating.

Brain cells I thought had long been abandoned to Glacier Bay beer and Malibu rum were chugging along again. In 40 hours of classes, I completed a real estate licensing course. Two towns away. In the coldest weather we’ve had this decade. After working from home for the past 22 years.

I’m proud of myself for taking the initiative and using time I had earmarked for a trip to #CES2015 to better my skills and expand my mind. Am I going to sell houses? Maybe a couple. But the content in the course is actually fodder that makes me much more attractive as a writer and marketer for real estate companies and Realtors® who might need messaging.

That’s about it for now. Nine days straight of writing. A brain full of new info encased in a shell with immaculately trimmed eyebrows.

What’s new in your world this year?