Facepalm. Or…how to stop getting fed in one sentence.

October 26, 2011

[edited for accuracy – Oct. 27, 2011]

Skill. That’s what it takes to motivate people with words. Whether they’re written on paper, sent via electrons over the magical Internet, or uttered aloud, these words can be very powerful. I forgot how powerful a few weeks ago when I caused myself to go hungry. Suffice it say that I’m an idiot.

Confused? So was I, during this exchange with my girlfriend and potential wife (this is that conversation to the best of my recollection)…

Gretchen: How do you like it?

Jeff: I’m not sure that I’m a fan.

Gretchen: What do you mean ‘not a fan’?

Jeff: I think you put too much spice or salt or something in it.

Gretchen: When did you become such a critic?

Jeff: Well, I eat about 80% of my meals in restaurants and I’m not sure your cooking measures up…

Enter the storm and fury part of the program. From that point, Gretchen was VERY clear that until I realized the meanness and error of my ways, that she would not cook another morsel of food for me. It’s now been 14 weeks since I’ve had a home-cooked meal and I can’t take it anymore. So, this blog post is my revelation of my error.

It is also my mea culpa (for the world to see). And it’s hopefully my ticket back to home cooking.

Comments welcome. Oh, my name is Jeff and yes, I’m an idiot.