Fast planes

November 24, 2007

I woke up sweating this morning because I thought I had missed posting a blog entry. While it was only a dream, I had mapped out my entire plan for getting back on track.

Amazingly it included sparing no expense chartering a plan to chase down the international dateline/timeline so that today would be yesterday for an instant and I’d be OK.

I’d also pay the pilot scads of cash so he (or she) would fly low enough for my USB720 to pick up a wireless EVDO signal.

Now that I realize I’m still on track with the post per day in November, I have sighed heartily and will commence planning my happy hour and sunset viewing.

In other news, CF has boarded a plane for Boston; I looked at a crappy little scooter that had cracks in its tires and worn grips and about 5,000 miles on it (maybe KM, but still) and laughed at the owner when he said he wanted $900 for it; ate the rest of djafwierpuweporwukatieswabbvzabzmnbcvnb sherbet (don’t get me started on how it should be called sherbert; felt guilty that my friend Peggy has a full manuscript finished and is in the editing stages while I sit here twittering and creating blog entries…time to get on the stick; will probably shave today, once a week is good enough; took a really good shot for our holiday card (will post it here at some point); and have been continually happy with the way in which my new Macbook has been working.

Still need to buy a 500GB hard drive, pay a bill, line up work for next year and submit a proposal to the Angel company for my sabbatical. But other than that, I’m still thankful to be here.

How about you? Leave a comment in the show notes. I’ll be doing a Bowl of Cheese podcast soon. And go check out (Jeff Cutler dot com) for writing assignments that are both fun and challenging.

More to come…