March 3, 2008

As most of you know, I’ll be writing here a little less now that my one-year writing project has begun. If you’re looking for stuff that’s a little more topical and intellectual please head over to Jeff Cutler dot com.

Here’s the link to the first column in what will end up being more than 50 weekly columns during this project.

If you have story ideas for me to pursue professionally, go to that site and leave me a comment.

ALSO, do me a favor and go to the site regularly and DIGG the columns. It will help with readership, will probably boost my ratings, might make me famous and subsequently will result in more gifts for my friends.

Thanks! More to come here for sure. Just a little less frequently—maybe only four times a week instead of eight.

Oh, here’s a shameless way for me to include people close to me…by sharing their links…

Brian Polensky – yamcast.com
David Rosemill – drosemill@gmail.com
Julia Roy – undercurrent.com and digitalangelnyc.com
Connie Crosby – conniecrosby.blogspot.com
Bryan Person – bryper.com
Dave LaMorte – teachingforthefuture.com
Charlotte Crockford – WUML Radio, tune in at 91.5FM
Tim Coyne – thehollywoodpodcast.com
Mark Tafoya – culinarymedianetwork.com
Jeff Berg – Mac genius – purpleshark.com
Crazy Phillip Zannini – Phillymac Media – hit him at phillymac@gmail.com
Mark Blevis – markblevis.com
Jack Daniel – newenglandblacksmiths.org
Kris Smith – room214.com and capturetheconversation.com
Mary Saetham – diet.com
Frank – spiraldanceradio.com
Nicholas Butler from overseas – loudmouthman.com
Mrs. B – a misguided and now disappointed Patriots fan – karenjcardoza.com
Chelpixie (Michelle Wolverton) at chelpixie.com
John Wall – Ronin Marketeer
Chris Penn – Marketing Over Coffee
CC Chapman – Managing the Gray

That’s it for now.