Finally the weekend

November 17, 2007

Come enjoy my planned weekend with me. It’s a crisp 40° day in New England and here are the things I’m doing over the next couple days. Get in touch if you want to join me for any of this merriment.

Walk the dog – Fletcher needs lots of attention.

Join the New England Podcasters at Panera Bread in Natick at 1PM today

Upload another BOC podcast

Find a hard drive for my new Macbook (external so I can use TimeMachine)

Speaking of time machine, I was trying to find $2 bills for my father and was informed by the bank teller that he’d have them in two weeks. I said that I needed them today or tomorrow. He said, well, we could order them for you and they’d be here in two weeks. THEN, what I should have said but didn’t because I’m so slow was – IF I had a time machine that would be perfect, but I need them TODAY you nitwit!

Run around the house listening to Jonathan Coulton

HEY!! If you like Mr. Fancy Pants, send Coulton some money. I paid for my copyThink about golf (rant coming shortly – and probably will be the BOC podcast I spoke of)

Relax with CF

That’s it. Still in the running for FAB NaBloPoMo prizes! Phew.

More to come…