Fireworks, $20,000

July 4, 2008

Yep. Last night the July 3 fireworks at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket cost $20,000. To be clear, the fireworks didn’t cost ME $20,000, but the event was presented at a cost of 20 grand.

So, ask me if I could tell the difference between an expensive fireworks show and a less expensive one. OK. I didn’t really know that 25 minutes of explosions cost that much money.

Maybe it should have been clear to me. I have, after all, received numerous phone calls asking me to contribute to the 4th of July Fireworks in Hingham. I have consistently explained to them that I like to make my contribution AT the fireworks. If they’re bad, I give less. If they’re good, I give more.

Back to Pawtucket. For $20,000 we got EIGHT encores/finales. That’s right. Each time the crowd began clapping because there was a pause, the fireworks started up again in increased intensity. And this happened over and over again. It was amazing.

I will contend that the core of the show dragged a little, but when you’ve put the bulk of your budget into the encores, the rest of the show might feel like it’s running slowly.

There shall be photos to come here. I was fearful of being banned from re-entry at the park so I didn’t run out and get my camera. The photos I post will be after tonights Boston fireworks or after tomorrow’s Hingham fireworks.

Happy Independence Day. Don’t take it for granted.

More to come…