First weekend

February 10, 2008

The sabbatical begins in about 20 days, but I wanted to share with you the activities of my first free weekend of my pre-sabbatical prep.

Friday night:

Watched Tivo’d shows including Everybody Loves Raymond, Monster Quest, CSI NY and Ace of Cakes.
Ate take-out sushi, drank seltzer from the bottle and rummaged around for other bits and pieces. Even finished off the monster box of Corn Pops that had three handfuls (that’s how you measure dry cereal if you’re just going to jam it in your pie hole) of delightful Pops left.
Played online poker past midnight.


CF and I went to breakfast at Stars, checked my mail, got a check from Brookstone, went to the bank and puttered around Hingham for a bit.
Then we drove to the Bayside Expo Center to see the Northeast Motorcycle Expo – I was looking for scooters. You will notice a complete dearth of links to the Cycle show because the organizers weren’t quite as organized as one might have hoped. After sending 10 emails to them and calling them twice, I still have not heard back from them. So I think it’s foolish that if they were not interested in having the working press (me) cover their event, they shouldn’t benefit from any links in my blog.
Went to Cambridge and took a photo of some bad parking. The perspective is from above so it’s very cool. Will submit it soon to Bad Parking.
Went to Fromaggio Kitchen in Cambridge for cheese and speck and other treats.
Had drinks and snacks at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.
Dashed home to go to AAA for Florida maps and books…only to find that we missed them by four hours.
Dined at the bar at Asian C.
Went home and watched more Ace of Cakes.


Well, I’m writing this on Sunday morning so the day has not happened yet. But here’s the gist…
Trade Valentine’s gifts with CF, enjoy the buffet at Henrietta’s Foyer or Table or Kitchen or Basement or whatever it’s called, maybe blog some more, read the paper, explore Cambridge, maybe watch a movie.

How was your weekend?

More to come…