First World Problems – a Few Reflections

October 21, 2012

We’re often too mired in our own lives to think about the purely ridiculous. Today, I’m giving your 20 or so comments about things that might be more ridiculous than what you can come up with based on your station in life. Please add yours in the comments. I call this First-World Problems.

Twitter is down and I need to post a photo of my food.

I can’t afford a second pair of Ray Bans.

My BMW lease is almost up.

These luxury box seats are so far from the field.

My Manolo Blahniks hurt my feet.

The seat next to me in first class wasn’t empty.

The wifi in the Caribbean was really spotty.

The trampoline got a hole in it.

The Apple Store was out of white iPhones.

My housekeeper broke another plate.

I can’t find the dress Beyonce wore on the red carpet.

The remote is just out of reach and if I get up I’ll disturb the cat.

They didn’t take the pickle off of my McDouble.

The cable companies won’t let you easily boop boop boop through commercials.

My orchids keep dying.

It’s such a struggle keeping the pool clean.

I forgot my phone so I couldn’t check into Foursquare at the dump.

They were all out of everything bagels.

The wind on the golf course made it feel like it was 40-degrees.

I missed a conference call because nobody reset the office clocks after daylight savings.

My telescope isn’t powerful enough to see the craters on the moon.

I can’t get my scooter to start after leaving it in the basement all winter.

My shrink only gave me three Xanax to deal with my flight to Hawaii.

I can’t believe the electric window in my car won’t go down.

My Macbook takes an annoying amount of time to process HD video files.

The only season tickets they had left were in the nosebleed seats.

The table at Morton’s had a little wobble in it…I almost spilled my drink.

The car wash left water-droplet spots on my car windows.

It’s so hard to get the rider mower out of the garage when I have to mow the lawn.

Can you believe I had to buy a coffee just to get Wifi access at the cafe?

The tow truck driver couldn’t get my car started, so I had to let him tow it to the dealer.

The cushions on our new couch are taking a long time to get comfortable.

It’s taking me the better part of an afternoon to write this book.

I can’t get past this one level on the Zelda game.

I let my tea steep too long and now it’s bitter.

I lost so much weight over the winter and now I need a whole new wardrobe.

The switch covers that match our new kitchen are out of stock at the hardware store.

The soap I took from the hotel isn’t really my favorite fragrance.

So, what can you add to these nice little complaints that are beyond what polite society might put up with? Add them in the comments and feel free to share.