Flagaphile – Stephen Colbert

May 1, 2007

While waiting for the devil to come claim my soul or for my fever to break, whichever would come first, I watched a week’s worth of Colbert Report shows. Here is a quick list of my thoughts, mostly because I’m so weak and my brain is so curdled right now that I can’t put together too many coherent sentences. Enjoy.

Colbert is a genius and so is his staff of writers

I almost hurt myself laughing when he said, “Happy National TV Turn-off Week. YOU HYPOCRITES!” Luckily I was watching on Tivo and didn’t watch any live TV that week. Phew.

I wonder what goes on around my neighborhood on a regular day. Today (as mentioned) I was sick, so I stayed home. In the span of three hours – from about 9-11AM…OK two hours…there were four dump trucks in the street, a digger, a jackhammer, the members from the local light company and fourteen neighbors. I lost power for 30 minutes, took a shower in the dark, lost a poker tournament because of the aforementioned power outage and blamed the jackhammer guy for all of it. Oh, yes, this was the same guy I trusted to move my car so they could create a crater in the middle of the street and then fill it with asphalt.

Wired Magazine is also genius.

People will never learn how to communicate no matter how advanced the vehicles become. It took me three phone calls and five emails to still not find out the location of a meeting I have to attend tomorrow. I blame myself. I should have just gone to work and fainted in my cube…at least I’d be able to get my questions answered.

Blogging might be a way to riches. I think I’m going to have google purchase my blog for a year for $100,000. I would promise them no fewer than an article a day. I’m sitting by the email waiting for their note.

The ice cream man just went by. It must be summer. Yay.

Going back to bed.

More to come…