Flirting 101, New Business Models

August 11, 2009

In the span of about a year – and I haven’t been looking – I’ve come across multiple people who are making a living by bringing people together.

No, this isn’t the traditional or eHarmony madness, it’s personal coaching of a romantic nature.

Let’s step back for a second and evaluate this as a business model.

Does it make sense?

Actually, yes. My friend Marni is running WingGirlMethod for guys. She has created two videos that tell guys the signals to look for when flirting and pursuing women romantically. The system even gives guys a personal ‘wing-girl’ to speak to if they hit speedbumps in the road to true love.

With so many demands on our lives – mostly from work – we guys are hard pressed to be efficient in all our endeavors. If Marni can show us how to eliminate mistakes and find women who are attracted to us, it makes perfect sense.

At the other end of the spectrum is my friend Thomas’ URWingman approach. He goes personal-coach style at guys who are having confidence and dating issues.

His technique must be working because he’s regularly dashing off to NYC and other cities to help guys find their perfect match.

What’s best to help you land love if you’re a guy?

Darned if I know. I just lucked out with the woman I found. But if she comes to her senses and boots my sorry butt, I’ll give Marni and Thomas a call.

From my perspective, the dance of dating is too exhausting to go it alone.

More to come…