Foneshow – bowl of cheese podcast on your phone – really

October 27, 2007

The guys at Foneshow, Michael Slattery and his two cohorts (both very smart, but I forgot the other guy’s name and the woman wouldn’t stop smiling and me and I got all bashful so I didn’t even ask) have a cool new product…a way to send podcasts to ANY PHONE!

Go see Foneshow and see for yourself. But if you think I’m doing this post because I want to win their audio recorder, you’re only half right. I also think it’s a cool idea.

This means you don’t need an iPod, you don’t need a Zune (who would ever need a Zune??!!) and you don’t need a Sansa. Just get a digital phone, go to Foneshow and sign up for podcasts that you like – I suggest Bowl of Cheese podcast, and that’s all there is to it.

The product is perfect for short podcasts and the integration is seamless. Try it.

Oh, Michael, please send me the recorder via Airborne, those guys at FedEx couldn’t even deliver Leopard on time yesterday.

More to come…