Foxwoods Poker Classic

March 11, 2007

On Saturday, Sitboaf and I went to Foxwoods to try and qualify for the Foxwoods Poker Classic.

In the $150 satellite tournament, he got bumped out early. After pushing all in with a pair of kings (with three tables remaining), Sitboaf was knocked out on a bad beat somewhere around 25th of a field of 90+.

Because the satellite was paying eight spots (or actually giving eight entries to the $1000 satellite), it was my plan to remain alive and make it to the final eight.

You see, once in the $1000 satellite, they give out entries to the main event* to about 10% of the field.

Well, I made it.

Foxwoods Poker Classic

I survived a low of $2000 in chips to make it into the $1000 satellite. We celebrated with subs at Subway on the way back after our 5.5-hour struggle.

I’m not sure if Sitboaf will be trying the $150 again, but I now have to pick a time to play in the Act III (that’s the $1000).


More to come…

*The main event is a $10,000 entry tournament in the Foxwoods Poker Classic – see the schedule. A few years ago, the top prize in that tournament was $680,000. So, all I have to do is finish in the top 10% in the Act III and then finish first out of thousands of people in the Main Event. Easy.