Fun shots

October 26, 2007

Here are the tumblr photos with a caption on each…


Last night after Blogtoberfest – and after running into John Wall on Newbury Street…how random…I went to Shino Express for delightfully cheap and delightfully tasty sushi.


Please be aware that this was NOT my beverage of choice at the Pour House last night. I was enjoying Harpoon UFO. The name Miller Chill rhymes with swill and that’s being nice. If you use this ‘beer’ for anything other than loading a dunk tank, you’re out of your mind. Blech!!


See. Here’s a Harpoon glass with Guinness in it. WHAT? I needed a breakfast beer and Guinness was all I had on hand.


If you can look at this spider and not freak right out – it’s the size of a small apple – then you’re unfeeling and humorless and you’re better off at the things to worry about site.


How can you tell if you want to buy the paper before you read the headlines or rummage through the ads a little bit or do the crossword? People are silly.


These cats taste like Coco-Puffs or Cocoa Crispies. And they’re made of Peep material, so they have to be good.

More to come…