Funtastic jobs

August 23, 2006

As I wander back into the blogging environs I don’t want to strain myself too badly. Some of the jobs/projects I’ve had (dishwashing to pay off a family debt, playing the role of a bluebird so my baby sister wouldn’t feel all alone when she joined the troop, movie house sweeper) haven’t been as fun as others (bike mechanic, reporter at PGA events, food publication writer).

This is probably the case for most of you, so with that in mind I have compiled a list of GREAT jobs that anyone would love.

Toilet paper critic (you gotta go anyhow, why not get paid to go?)
Soda burper (unlike the Tupperware® burper, this job is actual burping)
Candle smeller (NOT all at once like in Yankee Candle – that’s just absurd and an offense to my senses)
Sneaker tester (think how fast you’ll be if all you do is try and run really fast in new sneakers all day long)
People watcher (not like big brother or those little blackened globes in the casino, but a real watcher. Just pick a park or a store or a restaurant and start watching.)
Face maker (simple AND fun. Make faces at dogs and babies all day long. If you elicit a bark or crying, you get a bonus – what could be better?)
Baby twister (unfortunately, this field is full of people who already twist professionally, so there is some MAJOR competition.)
Napper (many people have achieved prowess in this field, but nary a one has professional status – you could be first!)
Colbert apologist (I had to put an easy one in here. Stephen Colbert DOES NOT have to apologize for anything, so your days are free. Spend that money wisely!)

Feel free to add your own choices in the comment section below.

More to come…