Getting Paid

August 3, 2007

For a while now I’ve been trying to monetize Bowl of Cheese. I’ve looked at different services, different social networking sites and different outlets. I’ve even been hired to write some advertising copy for products.

As mentioned in earlier blog entries, I, Jeff Cutler, will not write anything here without being fully transparent. That means that if I say something is great, I truly believe that it is. And further, to ensure that you know where I’m coming from, I have created a tag or a category that tells you if I’m being paid for a post.

Coincidentally, this post is for a company called Pay Per Post. They allow bloggers to capture some cash by writing about products or services and then collecting payment for their entries. What I’ve found to be positive about Pay Per Post is their approach.

They are also transparent. In some instances they require you to put a disclosure at the bottom of your entry. In others they ask you to let readers know exactly what you think.

I think this is far better than some SEO driven schill sites that require you NOT to disclose any payment that might be forthcoming for your opinion.

For me, Pay Per Post is going to probably provide me with some extra cash to buy GPS devices, Jeff Cutler monogrammed clothing and even an iPhone.

Here’s a link to that exclusive world of blog marketing at Pay Per Post.

Oh, while I’m on that topic, the community they are building will supposedly over time become so talented and specialized that companies will lean toward this type of marketing to create a soft buzz for their stuff.

So watch this space for occasional buzz pieces on stuff that I’ve tried and have an opinion on. Pay Per Post is just the first in what I hope will be many lucrative assignments.

More to come…