Give me a T

January 5, 2008

But don’t give me a tea named Chocolate Caramel Enchantment—EVER.

You see, while shopping the other day I was pondering the tea selection. Aside from being dumbfounded that a box of 20 teabags cost about $3, I was trying to expand my flavor selection at the house.

I usually drink a nice earl grey in the morning (I have some fantastic Teavana Earl Grey Creme and some light Raspberry Earl Grey from Tealuxe) or maybe a stronger Irish Breakfast when I need a little kick. But aside from those and perhaps an occasional berry variant for late-night sipping, I don’t have much that’s unique. Until now.

While I poked the boxes and turned them over to read delightful descriptions of the tea flavors, a woman buzzed past and practically shouted, “Try the Chocolate Caramel—it’s fantastic.”

Being open-minded and adventurous, I took her advice.

Now I sit here wondering if it’s even safe to put this heinous crap in the landfill. The full name of the tea is Teahouse Chai from Celestial Seasonings. And the flavor is Chocolate Caramel Enchantment. I can tell you the only thing enchanting about this tea is the colorful print on the front of the box and my very real hope that this is all a fairy tale from which I’ll wake up very soon with a sampling of ANY other tea in my cup.


Maybe it will get better as I get used to it and my tastebuds are dulled. I’ll let you know.

More to come…