Gloater – New England is not so perfect. NY FOOTBALL GIANTS win the Super Bowl

February 3, 2008

Putting my feeling into words right now – after many Coronas and a crazy Super Bowl is impossible. So here are a couple photos and some comments for you to chew on.

Oh, the Miami Dolphins are the only team to ever finish an entire NFL season with an undefeated record. What a shame that the Patriots – did I say HATRIOTS – weren’t able to finish Eli Manning and the NY Football Giants off tonight. Boo hoo.


The Pats lose, YAY!

Oh, in case you missed the press coverage of this cheating team’s demise (oh, they cheated with their unauthorized filming of other teams, their drug-addicted Rodney Harrison and their out of wedlock quarterback who is now with another woman and not with his child) here is a article’s first paragraph.


Just do a little googling and you’ll find other articles just like this one. Mmmm, tasty!

More to come…