GoDaddy ad rejected by CBS

January 18, 2007

Watch Go Daddy’s rejected Super Bowl ad.

Go Daddy’s Super Bowl ad was rejected by CBS – according to Bob Parsons. Up there is a link to the ad.

By the way, the reason I even mention this ad is because I came across it while doing a vanity search on my own name – Jeff Cutler – and found that there are a few Jeff Cutlers around the Internet.

Now, I’m the one who mountain bikes, is a published author, writes for a living and once tried out for Major League Baseball. But that doesn’t explain how I came upon Go Daddy.

Well, as I bumbled around the ‘net I found that my domain name – – is coming due in a little while and I needed to renew it. So I found a code for GoDaddy and also ran across that ad. It’s fun.

And by the way, I’ve gotten my domain name renewed safely.

Chat soon.