Good Mikes, Good Bluehost

June 10, 2008

OK. If you’ve ever had a blog or tried to navigate the InterWeb, you know that it’s a sea of despair that shouldn’t be attempted by the faint of heart.

Stuff happens that have no logical reason – to me or you. Pages and content disappear. Access is denied. Whole sections of our documented lives vanish or become corrupt. And that’s on a good day.

Well, I took the weekend off from blogging and in a coincidental karmatic snafu my blog decided to punish me.

Much like the spoiled kid or dog that acts up when you ignore them, the famous Bowl of Cheese decided to go rancid and break all links to the database files. When that happens, nobody can find posts. Nobody can add posts. And nobody can comment.

Except the guys at BlueHost.

I currently have some sites hosted at They’re pretty inexpensive, very attentive and now I see them as gods. They were able to track down my site’s problems and somehow get it working again – and when I say they I mean the two guys named Mike that I dealt with. One was yesterday at about 3PM. The other was today at 6:30AM.

They also told me what had broken and what action I performed had done the breaking. I’m amazed, thankful and happy.

Phew. The Internet might be scary, but I’m a little less fraught with fear this morning.

More to come…