Greenpeace – Jeff Cutler’s view

August 22, 2010

Not that there’s any doubt that various charitable and social change organizations are cuckoo bananas, but I’ve come to the realization that the kids recruited to work for these groups fall into the significantly dumb realm. While this might be a feature of anyone in the 19-25 range, I suspect the kids working for companies like Greenpeace are severely afflicted.


Also see this story in the Guardian in the UK.

As shown in this photo from the Guardian story, gas pumps in the UK had to be locked up because Greenpeace activists were taking the nozzles off of pumps to bring attention the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what I think of that……

1 – It might make people aware of the spill IF THEY HAVE JUST COME OUT OF A CAVE and didn’t know about the spill

2 – It’s totally unsafe and if a pump were authorized by mistake, gasoline would then spill all over the ground at the station causing a local spill that would have a pretty severe environmental and safety issue. I’m guessing Greenpeace would probably protest that too, but I don’t know how.

3 – Moves like this don’t really hurt BP – as I’ve pointed out in other blog posts – they only injure the owner or lessor of the station. This move doesn’t get corporate attention or affect their activities or attitude. Other than make them angry at extremists and cause them to spend more money on securing their pumps. Money that they ARE currently spending to clean up the spill in the Gulf.

4 – When BP finally throws in the towel, it won’t matter how much stomping and whining the folks at Greenpeace do, there will be no organization and no money to remedy the spill in the Gulf. Further action by Greenpeace only moves the company closer to that edge.

5 – And when informed of these factors, whipper snappers from Greenpeace just say, “well, we’re just getting the message out.” What message? That you’re idiots who drank the Kool-Aid and haven’t taken any time to look at the more complicated issues of life in 2010?

Do you wonder why I frequently brush past these kids, as they stand on the sidewalk with a clipboard in their hands? I don’t. And I also feel much better about my standard comment to them.

I usually say, “I hate this planet, call me when you colonize Mars.” It’s about as mature as the kids who believe blindly in Greenpeace’s message and approach, but I never said I was a grown-up.

What’s your take on extremism? On social causes? On the BP oil spill? Would love to hear your POV. Thanks.