Happy Powerball Day

January 24, 2007

Today is Wednesday, January 24 and the PowerBall jackpot is up to around $300Million. That means today is the best day to get seating at restaurants, the easiest day to see a movie, and perhaps the perfect day to go bowling.

These activities are done in venues that don’t sell PowerBall tickets and that makes them ideal. Because around lunch, dinner and mid-evening, hoards of people will be lining up at the cash registers of convenience stores across the nation to purchase lottery tickets.

While doing so they will gum up progress, set themselves up for broken dreams, and essentially fulfill the prophesy of Americans wastefulness that many other nations lord over us.

So while you wend your way to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks and wonder if instead you should stop at the Quik-E-Mart for bad coffee and the chance to crumple up and throw away a dollar bill, remember this. It will be for naught. I already got my ticket yesterday, and it’s the winner.

More to come…