Have you seen my mind?

September 4, 2007

Actually, my mind has come back to me just a few minutes ago.

While during lunch, I tried to update my blog – this blog – and it disappeared from view. So if you tried to read it during YOUR lunch half-hour, you probably got ugly error messages.

Well, I had nearly resigned myself to restarting Bowl of Cheese and rewriting from memory about three years of posts. Then it got better. I found a way to update the blog on Netfirms and now I am getting ready to migrate the whole thing over to BlueHost.

The only trouble that remains is the loss of my photos on the older posts. I’ll see if I can rectify that. But it’s a small loss if I’m able to successfully stop paying $10 per month to host only this blog and get it happily up on my new provider’s site.

SO, hold tight. Bowl of Cheese SHOULD be chugging along pleasantly by mid-week in the new location.

More to come…