Heard around town

October 19, 2007

OK, these things were actually heard all over the Northeast because they came from podcasts that I have playing in my Scion as I go to and fro between clients.

1 – If you’re totally overwhelmed by email (and I’ve noticed before that Fridays are the lowest traffic days for email), then the people at CrankyGeeks say you should file for email bankruptcy and throw out EVERYTHING in your inbox and start fresh. Tell anyone who contact you about a project that you tossed that your system went down and you’re so very sorry. Then breathe deeply and start anew.

2 – Get your own name wrapped up tight. If you’re no you, who are you? According to Christopher Penn and John Wall of Marketing Over Coffee, John’s name is not his own and he needs help recapturing it. I saw the light in 1992 when I purchased Jeff Cutler dot com, but I should have bought Jeff dot com back then as well as Ford, Coke, Business and Sex dot com. Click on over to John Wall’s site to see what he’s all about. Aside from this one slip-up in letting his name get away to a geaneology site, he’s quite smart.

3 – Sharper Image might be going under. Do a search for Sharper Image Bankrupt via google.

4 – Podcamp Boston is just around the corner.

5 – Cash parking of domain names isn’t paying as much as people had hoped – see this site for more details.

6 – Al Gore spends more to heat and light his home than many third-world countries. And he still got a Nobel Prize for his work on the environment. Maybe if he didn’t waste so much energy himself, or if he stopped spewing hot air into the sky, we’d all be better off.

7 –  Head of the Charles is this weekend and so is SausageFest.

More to come…