Here’s what I remember from Podcamp

October 28, 2007

Aside from the multiple sessions, random hallway encounters with vendors, and delightful exchanges with the knife-throwing waitress at the SeaPort Hotel lounge, here are my memories of a frantic, frenetic, fascinating and fun 23 hours of Podcamp Boston 2.

These memories are in random order AND I was lazy and didn’t make the links live. If there’s someone you want to contact, just refer to the 1973 tutorial on cut and paste (be sure to add the http://www. because I’m just giving you name and .SUFFIX. *Sentences that end in links will not have periods in the interest of making cutting and pasting easy.

Here goes…

OH WAIT. Here’s the deal. IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO the Bowl of Cheese podcast, I’ll subscribe to your podcast. And feel free to mention and and and on your blog.

Ellen Moschetto – she’s a comedian and yoga freak. Fun to chat with and destined for great things. and

Kevin Kennedy-Spaien – a multifaceted audio genius.

Tom Vallier – introduced to me by Connie and she’s a FAB judge of character, so Tom is awesome. or just visit

The Cutler twins. Actually, the three of us were separated at birth. Find Greg Cutler (a brilliant voice guy) at and poke around for David Cutler at

Courtney Stone of Marketwire had a hard time keeping track of her pens, but was charming and can help you with everything that marketwire does. No kidding!

John Havens! Are you kidding me. He’s got it going on and keeps the chatter going at

Kelle Sparta is a speaker, trainer and coach. People like Kelle make it possible for confident podcasters to retain that confidence and be even greater. Visit

If there’s any doubt of my motives at Podcamp, let me clarify them here. I went to learn, connect and win stuff. I didn’t win anything except the acknowledgment from my peers that I’m fun to be around and that Bowl of Cheese is a good idea.

Some of the people with whom I’m trying to connect are content providers who might need my writing skillz. These people include: Dana McCurley at and Kristin Amico at and Steve Albanese at and even Craig Calder at

Kevin Lane Skarritt piqued my attention with tales of a marketing and advertising agency where people could really be creative. That place is and I’m looking forward to Kevin’s call.

Add to that some quick chats with Jeff Glasson – – Anna Farmery – – Chris Wilson – – and Mitch Joel at

As I do this I realize that I should probably invest in a card reader if I’m going to be such an outgoing, networking fool. That’s right, there are more podcampboston connections. These are coming in list form…

Brian Polensky –
David Rosemill –
Julia Roy – and
Connie Crosby – (she’s AWESOME and brilliant – see her at Podcamp Toronto 2008 in February. That’s right, Toronto in February. Just put on another layer, you’ll be fine.)
Bryan Person –
Dave LaMorte –
Charlotte Crockford – WUML Radio, tune in at 91.5FM
Tim Coyne – the best thing about his card is the Zuma on the front –
Mark Tafoya – (Mark does reMarkable Palate)
Jeff Berg – Mac genius –
Crazy Phillip Zannini – Phillymac Media – hit him at
Mark Blevis – (the crazy thing is that more people didn’t have domains that were their own name. I’ve had forever and I’m a dolt, smart people gobble up their name ASAP. That’s ONE lesson from podcamp-boston, free of charge.)
Jack Daniel a tech guy with a fun avocation, that’s found at
Kris Smith – and
Mary Saetham –
Frank (who rides a blue Vespa and will appear on A Life of Play podcast soon – his site is
Nicholas Butler from overseas –
Mrs. B – a misguided Patriots fan –
and Chelpixie (Michelle Wolverton) at

If you failed to give me a card, put your comments on this post.

I didn’t mention Chris Brogan, John Wall or the inestimable Christopher Penn because they are geniuses who kept the BostonPodcamp experience together and great.

More to come…