Hey Susan and John

June 13, 2007

Just got home from some elbow rubbing and hob-nobbing with Susan and John from BostonNOW – the fun and informative paper that’s strongly into new media and a true variety of content creators and sources.

The put on a meet-up at Smile Thai in Cambridge (good food, but no booze) where I saw some familiar faces and met some new people (shout out to Lindsay at Beanywood.

Perhaps with some further discussions you’ll see my stuff in BostonNOW – maybe they’ll even want some travel articles and/or blog entries when I go to Paris to cover the Tour de France next month. We shall see.

By the way, here’s my first post as a blogger on BostonNOW – it’s nothing earth-shattering. Just shows that I can quickly set up a blog and spell correctly. There will be more substance coming soon.

More to come…