Hey, Vongo, wake up

December 17, 2007

While the majority of the computer universe is still Windoze based, that dominance is fading. As of my last check I saw that the Mac OS and Linux now combined for nearly 20% or more of the operating systems out there.

Further, the users of Mac and Linux systems are far more likely to watch movies and other media on their machines.

So, wouldn’t you agree that it’s dumb for Vongo not to have Mac or Linux compatible software yet?

Here’s the LINK to Vongo. If you’re on a Mac or Linux you’ll get a page that looks like the screenshot below. Just put in your email address to be notified when they have Vongo for Mac. I don’t care if YOU want to be notified, I just want Vongo to get the message that LOTS of users hate Windoze and many more users than they realize are using the Mac and Linux OS.


More to come…