Wow, I hate technology

May 17, 2006

Are you kidding me? Courtesy of 1.23 MILLION emails I have been blasted into the ether. These emails were either the result of an adoring fan base (thanks Sutiopkatieqqnphoj), or they were the malicious results of two+ years of bitter jealousy.

I choose to be paranoid and think that Lex Luthor submitted my site to the agents of spam and allowed these minions to slowly bog down my server and my communication channel.

So be it. I’ve already come to terms with this malicious and irrational attack and have moved on. And I’ve learned a fabulous lesson!

Technology is a tool, not a master.

From here on, I’ll be using it as such and not locking myself into the comfortable grip of iChat, online poker, contstant emails or even the InterWeb. I will strive for a balanced approach where my activities are more active than sedentary. And my sedentary motions have a more purposeful bent.

Any comments or questions can be sent to me via a comment below or to my current gmail address. If you don’t have that address, leave a comment below.

More to come…