How about $1000?

December 19, 2007

I have adjusted the purchase price on my timeshare in Orlando to give YOU $1000 back when you purchase it. Right now it’s listed here for about $17,000. Buy it before the end of January and I’ll give you $1000 in cash when the sale is final.

That’s enough to cover two years of maintenance fees, a moderate size HDTV or even a lot of snacks.

Here are some photos of Florida. They’re not of the timeshare at Westgate Blue Tree, but they show you how warm and delightful it can be in Florida this time of year.



So now are you ready? Email me directly and I’ll knock the price down by $1900 AND give you the $1000 in cash. It’s worth $19,000 but I’m not using it. That means each year I just break even with rental fee going against my maintenance costs. If you’re going to use the thing, take it. Take it now.

Oh, if you’re just looking for a convenient place to stay in Orlando, the timeshare is a two-bedroom with kitchen and lots more.

More to come…