How much per putt

November 18, 2007

When thinking about paying for a golf membership in 2008, I wondered if I could use the money in a better way. I’m certain that I didn’t maximize my investment this year…I played five times and paid about $1600 for that privilege.

That’s not a good return. If I were going to pay around $525 per round, I might as well go play at Harbour Town or Pebble or over in Scotland.

That said, where should I focus this cash in 2008? Multiple posts about scooters have garnered some interest, and $1600 would put me within a couple hundred bucks of a brand new Zuma.

Or I could be the proud owner of TWO Macbooks (if you didn’t realize it, I’m now the proud owner of one black Macbook. It would be cool to pair that black beauty with a nice white laptop).

Finally, I could just play multiple local courses and pay cash for the greens fees. Most cost only about $40-$60 so I could turn into a great golfer by the time the season ends if I use up all that cash.

I guess my reason behind owning a country club membership is status. I like being about to say “the club” between clenched teeth. And I like being able to just wander up to the course and play anytime I want. But the ‘anytime’ has turned into never, so the cash is going back into my pocket.

Yes, I’ll hit the course next year but it will be on my terms and those terms will be a much more favorable investment.

More to come…

*ALMOST missed blogging today because my business trip to FL is at O-Dark-Hundred tomorrow and I was putting my laptop away before I realized that I hadn’t put up a post today. Phew. Long live NaBloPoMo.