I brow

August 27, 2006

While tweezing my eyebrows this morning I noticed that it hurts like a mother. Not like how my mother used to beat us, but a similar kind of pain.

And that made me think that pulling out one’s eyebrows was a stupid exercise in self mutilation. Which then made me realize that all my grade school and junior high math and science teachers were well ahead of the curve in this matter‚Äîfor most of them had stopped pulling eyebrows, wearing deodorant or washing their hair.

I guess their reasoning was one of kinetic energy theory…that even if you try to mitigate the path of age, it still has the momentum and mass to roll right over you. So why try?

Well, I’m not much of a scientist, so I’ll keep grooming myself. But if you find me someday on the steps of the public library, dressed like Kramer and groomed like Yeti, please get me a sandwich and a tall refreshing glass of iced tea. Thanks.

More to come…