I think I’ll name him SEVEN

January 18, 2008

Whilst plundering my way across the Internet between push-up sessions, I came across a cool little game called Seven Things I Approve Of. My friend Jenny had her seven posted on her blog and I thought that I should probably do some oversharing and post mine right here.

So here we go…These are the Seven Things I Approve Of

1 – Believing in yourself right up to the edge of bravado. Don’t be a donkey, but don’t back down if you know that your skillz rock.

2 – Root Beer in the morning. Life is seriously too short to worry so much about what you ‘should’ do and what you really enjoy.


3 – Learning about the world and other people. Without some perspective on the way other people live and think, there’s no way I could make informed decisions on how to lead my life, write award-winning articles and columns, or interact intelligently with others.

4 – Loyalty. ‘Nuf said.

5 – Taking more pictures than you think you need, giving away more donuts than makes sense, and making people smile as much as you can. That’s three in one, but I also believe in not playing by the rules all the time.


6 – Knowing that people love you for the person that you are, not for the person you think they think you are.

7 – Brilliant writing by people who entertain us with their words. Sitcom writers, movie script doctors, poets, novelists, columnists and reporters. Words touch us where pictures cannot because our mind is engaged when words take hold. Remember the ice cream man in your neighborhood when you were a kid? That’s right. That one sentence got you to think of the tastes and sounds AND visuals that made up a moment in your life. I challenge an artist to create something out of paint and paper that can do the same thing so personally for you. And I did it in a single sentence. Try to tell me that words are less powerful than pictures – then reread number 1 in this list.


More to come…