Idiots in cars

July 13, 2008

While coming back from a visit with friends from NH today, we were driving in the O’Neil tunnel. Beside us on the left was a minivan with a family in it. They were ahead of us by about half a car length when they put their blinker on.

I had a car on my tail so I didn’t slow down measurably and figured the minivan driver would slow down and move over – as any intelligent driver would do.

I was wrong. The driver forced his way into my lane causing me to slow dramatically. Then he stayed in my lane with his blinker on for about half a mile before moving right into the next lane. This time he didn’t cut anyone off, but made me confused as to what he was doing.

Really. Made me confused about how he had gotten a license in MA if he was so unfamiliar with how to pilot a car. And also made me wonder what caused him to pause in my lane in front of me for so long.

I figured it out when I passed him after he finally moved right.

He was a retarded idiot who was inconsiderate and stupid. How’s that for PC of me.

When I shook my head at him (bear in mind I didn’t even beep when he cut us off), he was kind enough to mouth the words F#$% YOU to us.

What’s going on with people who are so angry that when they do something wrong in a car they get defensive and antagonistic.

I am of the opinion that if I ever have enough clout in this state – or any state – to affect the motor vehicle laws, that I will put triple the number of cops on the road just to start ticketing people like this and taking away their licenses.

I contend that the funds raised from the citations would more than pay for the additional resources needed to institute this plan. I’m tired of being surrounded by idiots on the road and if it weren’t for the fact my insurance rates would skyrocket I’d probably start ramming everyone who does something inconsiderate and idiotic while with me on the road.

I do not have a control issue. I just think people should be a little more thoughtful about other vehicles and individuals around them. This is exactly how the shootings happened in California in the summer of 1987. I expect it will start around here soon.

By the way, I own a pellet gun and I’m not planning on bringing that with me on the road. So when these shootings start around here, it’s not me.

More to come…