If today is Stage 13, it must be Friday…or Saturday…what day is it?

July 21, 2007

It seems that I’ve FINALLY gotten into relaxed mode. Those of you who have traveled with me know that SOMETIMES I can be a bit tense or controlling or anxious about new places.

Funny coincidence, I was just like that for the first handful of days this journey too.

I am pledging here and now that the next trip I take will be extended by a week. I don’t care if it’s to Baltimore or Ft. Myers or South Boston, I’m adding five full days to the excursion so I can get in the proper, relaxed frame of mind to enjoy the trip.

That said, I’m now living in the Parisian moment.

Today’s adventures included (and pictures will follow in the next day or so):

Strolling from our neighborhood through the Marais
Meandering around Ile de Cite
Late lunch of multiple hams and a beer
Buying postcards for everyone who has left a comment on the blog
Took photos of Notre Dame
Shopped for electronics (what!? I can be a geek in Paris if I want to)
Tried to get many photos for Hank (he knows what this means)
Stopped at a bar in the Latin Quarter for a drink, a hard-boiled egg and a sandwich
Watched Stage 13 of the Tour de France from that same bar
Took a nap
Had a light dinner and cafe at a cafe
Went to the Seine and people watched (there’s some sort of festival going on this week)
Rented some Boules and played with two Frenchmen and two Germans
Walked home, utterly amazed at the number of people just ordering dinner (it’s 10:51PM)
It is Saturday, by the way, and plans for the next few days include a trip to the Louvre (tomorrow), Mon Martre (on Monday), Belgium day trip (Tuesday), Catacombs and Jim Morrison’s grave (Wednesday), TDF in Paris (next Sunday).

Other days are still up in the air.

More to come…with pictures, really.