In the news today

February 27, 2008

Just a quick glance at the Internet, while taking a break from doing my taxes (UGH!!!!!) led me to believe I had warped over to a new dimension. A time and place where nothing makes sense and people focus on the inane. Luckily they stopped by here so I could share a heaping spoonful.

Here are a few of the headlines I saw whilst clicking…

Python Eats Australian Family Dog

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Auction Set

Theater Group to Auction Toilet Seats

and maybe the most annoying and ridiculous headline of all, Clinton Attacks on All Fronts.

Are you going to tell me that it’s really news that Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama are still chatting about policy in their quest for the Democratic nomination for president? And further, are you going to say that you’re surprised that Clinton hasn’t let up with her wily and underhanded attacks?

C’mon. I’m less surprised by the story about falling icicles killing six people, or the runaway lawnmower that killed a monk.

Haven’t we had enough of this Clinton and Obama debacle? As I’ve posited on many occasions, the liberal demographic in this country is too concerned about every little facet of their prospective candidates. And it’s that nitpicking that has caused them to lose the presidency in successive terms to a guy who thinks he’s god.

Why can’t the PC-addled liberal inteligencia understand that a house divided cannot stand? Once a few million of you wake up, then we can get on with the business of celebrating the first black president and toasting the demise of the Clinton family.

More to come…