Inane rambling

July 4, 2006

The subhead at the top of the page says just that – inane rambling. Well, that’s what today’s episode is all about and I don’t give a rat’s ear if a;hgajkgh;lqtajreoihjkatie;ajgpahgbajkfbhk or her sister euroieuwrtpoiuqrtgureoimollyaqprourfseiuhvkbfh whine about it.

1. If you kill someone in a dream, you can’t help but feel guilty about it. THAT’s normal. If you don’t feel guilty and you have these dreams often, then let me know where you live so I can put a few Webcams around your neighborhood so I’ll know where you are at all times.

2. There’s nothing so right as a perfectly steamed hot dog on July 4. I’m pretty sure they had a hot dog cart on the lesser known vessel that came across as a tender to the Mayflower. This little boat was called the Nathan and it served Kosher dogs to the new land.

3. The Tour de France has started again, and I’m in heaven! I love this event and I will say it here first – if you need me next July, try looking for me in England and France because I won’t be in my 934sf house during the 2007 Tour.

4. As a sidelight to the Tour note, the TourdeSoph has fallen on horribly hard times. What began as a noble experiment has degenerated into excursions to different lands and a pelthora of excess and debauchery. Keep it up Koko!

5. Nutmeg (OK, this list should have been ALL TOUR ALL THE TIME EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST FEW ENTRIES) has vowed to ride each and every day of the tour for the same amount of time as the TV broadcast. I got tired just hearing her vow, so I countered with my vow to watch every stage of the tour and eat snacks during the entire broadcast.

6. Fame is odd. I’m not famous, but I did have a number of readers of my column come chat with me today. They were – on the whole – very intelligent people who found my comments in the paper and here on Bowl of Cheese insightful and lucid. All I can say is, “thanks.”

More to come…