iPhone has been HACKED

August 24, 2007

As reported by the AP today, a teenager from New Jersey has found a way to get the iPhone to work on other networks and even overseas.

Reports say that the 17-year-old, George Hotz of Glen Rock, NJ, worked with a few other people locally as well as a couple people from Russia in his efforts to unlock the phone.

As most of you know, AllofMP3.com (a Russian, music-purchase site) was shut down recently but the tech community in Russia is quite active and I find it no surprise that some of the geniuses over there were part of this iPhone hack effort.

Mark Siegel of AT&T said the company had no comment on Hotz’ efforts.


In simple terms, the hack piggybacks one SIM card onto another and uses the dual functionality of the cards to give the iPhone ability to work on other networks.

Instructions are up on Hotz’ Web site and his unlocked phone is for sale on eBay.

More to come…