Is the Scott Brown Revelation a Hoax?

February 22, 2011

I’m a cynic. But I’m also compassionate and fully believe that child abuse in any form is horrible. So, suspend your indignation for a bit and let’s put on our paranoia caps together.

Last week, Senator Brown revealed that he was molested 40 years ago while at summer camp. The details are in Brown’s autobiography, “Against All Odds”, which was released yesterday. So, what’s the full story?

In his book, the details of the molestation are blurred out and Brown says he has erased the alleged abuser’s name from his mind. According to the Boston Globe, Brown has also declined an offer from the Cape DA to pursue a criminal investigation into the event.

I’d like to know, what if the Scott Brown revelation that he was abused while at camp is just a carefully concocted ploy to get attention, engage voters and carry him to victory in the next election?

Couldn’t it happen? Bigger lies have been foisted upon the public. And this one doesn’t hurt anyone, if it is a lie. Seriously, let’s take a look at how things shake out with this report.

1 – Book sales will skyrocket since everyone wants to find out more. Even the papers of record locally are doing stories on Brown’s revelation and inadvertently pimping his book.

2 – Voters feel compassion for Brown and will continue to do so through the next election. And even if folks enter the booth not remembering why they feel warm and fuzzy toward Brown, they still will and will likely vote for him.

3 – The camp that let this happen hasn’t been identified, so no harm there.

The only possible harm is for other kids who may have also been abused by Brown’s unnamed attacker, who may not come forward now because Brown’s decision to remain silent sets a bad example.

I choose to believe he made it up to sell book sand win an election. What do you think?