Is this wrong?

August 14, 2009

We’ve, in one consumerist move, turned one of our cats into a cannibal in an effort to get the other cat to stop stinking.

Remember the cats’ names?

Yes, they’re named after meat – Brisket and Ducky.

Well, CF went out the other day and got some cat food that is supposed to quell the madness in Brisket’s gut.

Yes, our cat STINKS! And by moving to a more balanced cat food we hoped to stave off the need to move into the hammock in the back yard.

This may or may not be working, but philosophically I can’t condone the move. Look at the package…

Picture 3

What would you do? Get rid of a cat. Get rid of the food? Counsel the cannibal cat? Counsel your girlfriend?

More to come…