It’s not a competition

September 12, 2009

Many things we do can be measured in terms of speed, distance, size and impact. But I’m not sure that blogging is one of them.

For example, a friend of mine recently got bitten savagely by the blogging bug. He’s putting up a post an hour and has already gone back over 31 years to shake tidbits of his life to the surface for dissection by readers.

The move might be cathartic and might also offer the universe some sense of balance, but I’m worried about his eventual crash. The time when his shouts about bubble-gum and having sex in a Yugo fall flat or worse, don’t even elicit a comment.

Is it right to allow friends to blog haphazardly? Shouldn’t there be some sort of test to qualify people as bloggers?

Maybe it’s good to have so much content spilling over the banks of the formerly quaint and quiet society in which we click.

Or maybe it would be better to act now to censor these fiends and leave the writing up to the professionals.

What do you think?

More to come…