I’ve been Splogged

November 8, 2007

If you’re not familiar with the term, being splogged is simply having your materials snatched up from your blog and used somewhere else as original content. In the most severe cases, sploggers use content to populate their sites and perpetuate the myth that they are prolific writers or producers of this content and therefore deserve attention from people who consume this information.

In the case of a recent Bowl of Cheese post – and you should know that I am NOT a creative commons site and all my work is copyright Jeff Cutler and Novel Ideas – this content was LIGHTLY attributed to me but was run in its entirety without permission on a site that sells cruises.

Now it might make sense to use the posts I write about travel or France or new adventures or vacations on a site about cruises…but a rant about Web hosting? C’MON!!

It’s a shame also that my annoyance at this theft of my intellectual property is the fodder for my eighth straight day of NaBloPoMo. But it does give me a topic to write about and I’ve got to use my other creative juices to write stuff for client 1, or maybe client 2 and definitely client 3 – visit the links and you’ll see who I’m working for these days.

More to come…

© 2007 Jeff Cutler and Novel Ideas