Jeff Cutler – Bowl of Cheese Columnist

January 31, 2008

One of my favorite writers is a columnist for the Boston Globe. He’s actually a sportswriter who morphed into a columnist’s style years ago and still plays that role to perfection.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Dan Shaughnessy, but even if you haven’t you’ll recognize the fun pattern some of his columns possess. They’re the easy-to-read, cleaning-out-the-closet lists that are fun to explore and easy to create.

I know they’re easy to create because I’m a columnist and I enjoy compiling these brain-dump pieces too. In fact, here’s a smattering of material that I’ll likely incorporate into my next column. As you’ll see, the topics jump across all types of news and opinion and keep everyone involved. Enjoy!

Would the Patriots be nearly as successful if Rodney Harrison had been prosecuted for the use of illegal drugs instead of treated to a four-game vacation?


Are we deporting enough illegal immigrants? And when did we forget the very definition of the term illegal?

Is there anything as bad for you—and as good tasting—as a Wendy’s Triple?


It’s probably time for me to start exercising when I get a little breathless trying to pull more Frappaccino through the straw while walking from my car to the office.

Using the words your, you’re, their, there and then, than is a major stumbling block for about 50% of corporate America. I suggest you all go back to English class or hire a writer before you embarrass yourself further…or is it farther?

John C. Dvorak works pretty hard and I’ve decided his curmudgeon profile is just a façade. He’s a good writer and delivers regular, accurate insight. Now if he’d just mention my blog once in a while I might get some adsense revenue.

Global warming is the wrong name for what the Earth does every 100,000 years. It’s the same situation medicine is struggling with—people now have access to too much information so everyone thinks they have ADD and that Autism is caused by vaccinations. I advocate taking television and the Internet away from anyone with an IQ less than 100. Make them read books and newspapers, and make them go back to school until they gain some common sense.

Conversely, anyone who has more degrees than thumbs should be put in a steel cage match with a street vendor and some badgers.


I don’t think anyone should hurt domesticated animals, but when people get more prison time for killing a pet than someone gets for killing a human, then something is way out of whack with our legal system.


Lawyers are some of the first people I’d put in that steel cage match since so many of them don’t have the common sense of a groundhog.


When you’re depressed about your lot in life, just insert your last name in this phrase and take it to heart. “It’s good to be _____ .”

More to come…