Jeff Peterman

August 1, 2007

Uneasy stomach. Shaken nerves. Furtive glances.

Those are the traits of the seasoned traveler.

He learns through first-hand experience or legendary tales of criminal encounters that money can be taken from you in an instant when you’re traveling.

He clutches his wallet in a front pocket with one hand, the other arm and wrist guarding his European Carry-all. It’s needless.

On my recent foray into the 3rd and 4th Arrondisements of Paris, I wore the luxurious leather solution to the seasoned-traveler twitches. That’s right, the Brookstone TravelBelt.

Picture 1.jpg

Fine hand-tooled black leather on the outside, non-slip suedey material inside. A genuine YJJ zipper (YKK wasn’t available at the shop where this belt was manufactured) and googles of room for foreign and not-so-foreign currency.

I strode confidently around that city, aware that to get my money thieves would have to force my pants down around my ankles and cut the belt from the loops on my Brookstone Traveler’s CargoShorts.

More to come…

**The preceding is a work of fiction. There is no such thing as a pair of Brookstone CargoShorts. And googles of money wouldn’t fit in a belt the size of a nuclear missile silo.**