John Wall and The M Show – kinda

May 8, 2008

Just had a chance to sit down after a hectic 4/5 of a week of work and I decided to use my little Zoom H2 to record a podcast.

Then I realized that John Wall – famous for his work on such shows as Marketing Over Coffee and The M Show and Mike Brady Enters the Cannonball Run – was possibly slowing down his production of The M Show.

I figured, “GREAT OPPORTUNITY!” So I put aside my thoughtful and insightful and brilliant notes for my Bowl of Cheese podcast and pulled out the theme from Shaft. Then I got rolling.

What you’ll hear this week on Bowl of Cheese is NOT my traditional show. It’s a wannabe M Show.

Here’s the link to Quasi M by Jeff Cutler.

And feel free to leave your comments for Jeff, John or whomever at 206-888-2715. You can even leave a show idea or a promo for your show if you’re a ‘caster.

Or put a comment right here on this blog entry.

And I’ll have a new Bowl of Cheese show up next week.

More to come…