Jonesing for Coke? Try Twitter.

November 16, 2008

That’s right, there’s a guy on there – Jeff Crites from Virginia – who is giving away some Coke products to new followers.

I’m not sure how he’s going to deliver these bits of schwag, or if it makes sense to sign up for social media tools just to win friends, influence people and get carbonated beverages, but it might already be cold and dark where you are and you might have nothing better to do.

I actually told Jeff that I was going to unfollow him and refollow him just to get myself in the running. Not because I love Coke so much that it hurts. And it could hurt because carbonated beverages leech calcium from your bones with efficiency.

Nope, because I love a contest like other people love a parade.

Regardless, if you haven’t dipped your toe in the Twitter pool, give a little shot. It might seem wasteful, meaningless and stupid. But I’ve found that being on there has given me story leads, new friendships and yes, a handful of annoying new acquaintances.

Find me on twitter if you want and I’ll get you a few followers. Or just comment here if you want some Coke. Maybe I can get Jeff to donate some to a give-a-way here.

More to come…