Joy of Socks

January 23, 2007

Aside from keeping my feet covered and warm while the ground outside starts to accumulate snow, my socks have an amazing propensity to self-destruct.

I haven’t taken any photos for you – mostly because the anger I feel when I put an entire foot through the sidewall of a sock isn’t the rage you want to see exhibited on film (or electrons as it were). But just try to picture a wet foot clinging for life to the side of a soft, cottony sock.

Then imagine all that is wrong with the world. Puppies getting kicked, children going hungry, George Bush in the White House, etc. THAT’s what it feels like when the material grabs the side of my foot and rips wildly around my mid-calf or high ankle.

A ring of fabric detaches itself from the body of the sock creating an odd garment that’s akin to the punk garb I used to wear a little in the mid-80s…BUT more useless.

This should probably teach me to avoid the multiple sock packs at Kohl’s, but until sock #41 tore this morning, I figured I was still ahead of the game at about half a cent per wearing. Now I’m losing my socks and losing my mind.

Feel free to read some of the posts below – or subscribe to the Bowl of Cheese podcast at iTunes – while I go shopping for some sturdier socks.

Finding some shouldn’t be a feat of great prowess. And it just might improve the very fabric of my life.

More to come…