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August 29, 2008

I’m not going way technical today because my sister-in-law SPEGHURGJ:WJEDHEIFHKjrejdIE said that she was getting tired of reading Twitter and .php and RSS and even Facebook info on this site. Today we’re just going to give you a long list of fun observations that I’ve made this week.

And yes, finally it’s Labor Day and we can be done with that blasted summer! My cheese gets all melty when it’s too hot. Luckily it’s now Fall.

Hey, you. Yes you. Don’t leave a comment here correcting my knowledge of the calendar. I KNOW that Fall doesn’t begin for three more weeks, I’m just being dramatic.

Observing some stuff and making comments. Take from this what you will…

There is no ‘perfect’ time on the microwave that will bring a stale onion roll back to life. Just throw it out.

I must have congratulated myself for 44 minutes yesterday when I changed the little AT&T logo on the top of my iPhone to one that says “JT&T”.

Riding a bike around Boston is still a noble way to get yourself run down. At least until cell phones and women are banned from vehicles. OK, women only need be banned from SUVs.

Hanging kitchen pans and other baking implements from the ceiling might not be very sanitary but it really gives a kitchen some character.

There’s nothing I would choose to do less than spend an entire day at the beach. I don’t care if you gave me a cooler full of beer and a strong Wifi signal from which to Wijack. I am easily borable. If it wasn’t already taken I’d call myself Borat, but with a different meaning.

Customer service is a lost art. People are either nice and really ill-informed (these are the ones who will adjust your account, give you wrong information and yearn to be your friends) or soapbox fanatics who signed up for that telephone service line job because it would give them power to lecture people all day long. It’s a close race, but I think I choose the online support sites.

Are wallets ever going to be extinct? We’re almost to the point where the only things in our wallets are receipts and debit cards. Maybe there’s a better way.

Football starts in less than a week. I hope Tom Brady decides that he likes California so much that he stays there and signs on with the Oakland Raiders.

Has anyone else noticed that their monthly bills are starting to have less and less time in the grace period? It’s gotten to the point that I have to be walking out the door to go to the post office when my Comcast bill arrives or it won’t get paid by the due date.

Sneakers are really expensive…but the quality has gone up too. I guess I’d better bite the bullet because the day of the $28 Converse All-Star is gone.

And lastly, people are more inclined to read short little snippets of info or rambling because our attention spans have been affected so much by our environment. This shorter focus DOES NOT mean anyone has ADD. That’s just a made-up diagnosis for kids who may or may not have other problems. And it’s a convenient way for parents not to evaluate if they’re doing a good job.

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More to come…