Just scraping by

June 14, 2006

The work up in NH has me back in the car for 1.5 hours each way each day and this will certainly help me with my goals. You see, a few of the goals – and I can’t remember if I posted them here in all their magnificent glory – have to do with improving my mind.

“Improving YOUR mind!???” you shout, wondering if that’s even possible.

Well, friends, it might be possible. Here’s how I know this….

The other day, I thought that the word Bonjour was a valid replacement for Touche.
When scrambling around the house to get to the basement laundry facilities I neglected to process the fact that rain can make rocks slippery and nearly cracked open my skull while flinging my underwear into the next yard.
I continually start my morning by backing the car 47 feet down the road so I can then go forward over the dirt part of the street. While I do this skilled back-up, I keep the emergency brake on, therefore helping wear down the braking system on my pocket car.
I have forgotten passwords for every site except this one and my long-extinct ORANGE bank account. It’s a joy to try and send money to people doing the MS Ride and not be able to get into my PayPal account.
I seem to space out on the fact that I have a weekly podcast to maintain. Luckily I remember this fact on Tuesday nights right before I go to bed – and a mere two hours before my show SHOULD be posted online.
I’ve bit my tongue lately about four times. The old adage about “Well, I won’t do that again” seems to be useless when it comes to my mouth learning to avoid my sore and meandering fleshy taster.
And, after being able to remember a car registration VIN in my head for years, I’ve lost the simple ability to remember more than two phone numbers. I know the number to the Skype account on my podcast – 206-973-PLAY, and the number for Dane L Schulman, the television lawyer (AND I HAVE TIVO SO WHAT AM I DOING WATCHING COMMERCIALS!!!!?????)

I hope the upcoming weeks find me doing a little more betterer.

*Harpoon B2B is this weekend. I sincerely hope that I didn’t forget everything I know about wrenching. Or I’d better get lucky and have no major technical challenges.

More to come…