Kill, Marry or Screw. The Clean Version.

December 15, 2008

We had dinner with Ben and rkjfackatieapfh the other night and it was FABOO! Ben made some kind of Turduckin with the body of a pig and some other meat animals, and we all imbibed generously on wine and other fluids.

The night established a way for the kids to connect and we decided even the outlaw siblings like Molly were welcome at these gatherings. Plenty of conversation was had, with the highlight of the night (aside from somebody’s 11PM call to somebody’s father – never a smart move) being the game of Kill, Marry or Screw.

The game is slightly more vulgar in name than that, but I don’t swear so I can’t use the F-word for that last piece. And I figure lots of families read this blog so I’d better keep it clean.

The premise is for people to go around the table in Truth-or-Dare style asking the person next to them who they would Kill, Marry or Screw from a selection of three people.

For example, if it were not a cutthroat version, you might ask a woman whether she wanted to KMS Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford or Orlando Bloom. Not so on this night. The names ranged from Julia Child to Hillary Clinton to Mortimer from Trading Places. But I beam with delight at my selections when posing the question to Molly.

I asked, KMorS, Andy Rooney, Geraldo Rivera or Maury Povich. Genius, huh?

I urge you to bring this game up at your next gathering. It’s a lot of fun.

By the way, my choices were Kirsten Dunst, Wonder Woman and Renee Zellweger. Clownface was being kind and she knows that if we ever break up, I’m calling Renee and Kirsten the next day – in that order.

More to come…

Oh, photos of the night? Sure…